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A Trusted Place for Answers about Your Back Pain

A Trusted Place for Answers

Dr. Gillard's Coaching Service: in brief

If you want to talk with me about your chronic pain, I offer a consultation service during which you and I will go over your imaging, together, via GoToMeeting. Before the coaching session, I will have you complete my pre-coaching session questions which will help me understand the history of your condition (this will also save time and allow us to focus more on your imaging and a plan of action to help reduce your pain).

More specifically, I do these coaching service sessions through a very trusted program called GoToMeeting, which allows me to share my computer screen with you. In this way, we can go through your MRI, CT, x-rays, and/or discography images with a fine tooth comb, and I can explain and show you in real time exactly what the problem(s) is/are/may be.

After I make sure you understand what the problem is, then we discuss the best evidence-based treatment solutions for your unique situation and of course I answer any questions you may have.

Whether it be a complex lumbar interbody fusion, a Smith-Petersen osteotomy, or simple form of conservative care that you haven't tried, I am familiar with all the available treatment options, including PRP (platelet rich plasma) and PL (platelet lysate).

I have several different levels of coaching to choose from, and you can make payment via credit card, bank card, or PayPal account right on my coaching service page. [Pay for the Coaching]

If you're interested, you can learn more about my coaching at this link: Dr. Gillard's Coaching Service Page. Also, please check out what my previous clients have said about their experience with my coaching: Dr. Gillard's Testimonial Page.